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Roger began taking accordion lessons at age 8 after listening to a 45 rpm of Myron Floren on his grandmother's record player and falling in love with the sound.  He was classically trained and studied under one of New England's finest accordionists, Alan Gustavson, for the first 10 years.  Roger gradually transitioned to jazz and 'take off' after mastering the scales and listening to such jazz greats as Art Van Damme, accordionist, and Pete Fountain, clarinetist.  For smooth wind instrument technique, Roger admired the amazing talent and extraordinary flair of Al Hirt on the trumpet.  He also emulated such accordion greats as Art Van Damme, Charles Magnante, and Myron Floren.

Being classically trained, Roger showed an interest in music theory and harmony and took several courses while still in high school and later at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.  Roger has minored in music at college and took several Baroque, Classical, and Romantic themed courses which complemented his own studies and contributed to his expanding musical interests and knowledge.

Not to be tied down or earmarked by the classics or jazz, Roger also helped to form a Rock 'n Roll band that he named The Mixed Emotions while he was still in high school.  They learned many of the hits of the day, including those of The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, The Byrds, and Question Mark and The Mysterians, to name just a few.  Roger began playing in the original group, called the Freelance Five, with the electrified accordion, but soon transitioned to the organ to help match the 'sound of the day.'

More recently, Roger has again concentrated on jazz and classics/standards and popular tunes over the ages that he plays primarily in retirement communities and for various special events and requests.  He has also begun to write some of his own songs, including music and lyrics.  This is an area that he hopes to develop further when his full schedule will allow.  
Contact Roger for your next special event and he will be more than happy to schedule you and provide further information.  Please contact Roger for references and hourly fees.

phone and fax: (603) 424-6771 or

email: marathonrm@comcast.net

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